Documentary Films

I am committed to supporting social impact and independent documentary films as an impact producer and documentary film coach. I believe that authentic storytelling through documentary film can give voice to disenfranchised and marginalized communities, tell forgotten or untold human stories in engaging and creative ways, and thereby rewrite and heal parts of history.


Motherland (2018)

Dirs. Emily Mkrtichian and Jesse Soursourian (19 mins / Armenia)

Film Festivals: Full Frame, Camden, DC Shorts, Brooklyn, Scandinavian International Film Festival, Aesthetica

Plus 7 community screenings, including 5 in Nagorno Karabakh


Trouble Finds You (2019)

Dir. Stephanie Tangkilisan (23 mins / USA)

This film was produced with The Intercept and was released with this in-depth article about the RICO Act and the Bronx 120.

Film Festivals: Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival, (In)Justice for All Film Festival, Justice on Trial Film Festival, Chain NYC Film Festival, Worker’s Unite Film Festival

Discussion guide available with community screenings.


No Place to Grow (2019)

Dir. Michelle Aguilar (26 mins / USA)

Just released! See the Indiegogo campaign here.


RETURN (2018/ Singing Wolf Documentaries)

Six courageous Native American women from tribes across the continent reconnect with the earth and reclaim their health and spirit by following their ancestral foodways. 

Impact Producer: Created and implemented an impact and outreach campaign, in collaboration with the film's Director, Karen Cantor. Composed targeted proposals for potential fundraisers. Wrote press releases and promoted film's premiere on social media and through newsletter outreach. Created and designed new film website. Wrote and edited content and assisted design for 13-page press kit, outreach materials, and poster.


City of Trees (2015)

Dir. Brandon Kramer / Meridian Hill Pictures (76 mins / USA)

Film Festivals

Full Frame, American Conservation Film Festival, Chesapeake Film Festival, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital

Secured acceptance in 24 film festivals. Organized 75+ educational and community-based screenings. Raised $20,000 through educational DVD sales and dozens of coordinated filmmaker speaking engagements. Generated dozens of press, academic, and community member reviews. Promoted PBS series America ReFramed national broadcast and Netflix VOD launch. 28-page discussion guide.