Documentary Films

I am committed to supporting social impact and independent documentary films as an impact producer and documentary film coach. I believe that authentic storytelling through documentary film can give voice to disenfranchised and marginalized communities, tell forgotten or untold human stories in engaging and creative ways, and thereby rewrite and heal parts of history.


Motherland (2018)

Dirs. Emily Mkrtichian and Jesse Soursourian (19 mins/ Armenia)

The film follows a group of women who work full-time as land mine clearance officers in Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed territory between Armenia and Azerbaijan, known for one of the worst land mine problems in the world. Through their bravery to show up for their families and country, the women break away from traditional gender roles and experience a unique bond and joy together.

Impact Producer: Collaborate closely with the co-directors to refine and track impact, outreach and distribution strategy, goals and timeline. Create and test post-screening audience surveys and track the responses and impact of the community screenings. Identify best-suited educational distributors as well as opportunities for broadcast, SVOD, and self-distribution. Created and regularly update the CRM database and pipelines to track communication process with potential screening partners.


Trouble Finds You (2019)

Bronx native Kraig Lewis was set to graduate with a Master's in Business and get his son out of the rough streets of his NYC neighborhood. Instead, his life is turned upside down when he’s caught in the city’s largest gang bust in history. Now, he has to find a new path forward.

Impact Producer: Researched and created targeted lists of film festivals to maximize impact and distribution opportunities. Implemented tracking systems for festival deadlines, submission fees, and delivering film materials. Supported creation of 25-page discussion guide and film marketing materials. Refined and tracked impact, outreach and distribution strategy, goals and timeline.


No Place to Grow (2019)

The film follows two Latino gardeners as they fight to protect their two-decade old community garden from corporate demolition.

Producer: Devise and implement fundraising, social impact, and outreach strategy. Identify and build partnerships with organizations and individuals for fundraising and outreach opportunities. Focus central message of film. Manage social media accounts. Write and edit content for grant applications, film materials, and website, in collaboration with film’s Director, Michelle Aguilar.


RETURN (2018/ Singing Wolf Documentaries)

Six courageous Native American women from tribes across the continent reconnect with the earth and reclaim their health and spirit by following their ancestral foodways. 

Impact Producer: Created and implemented an impact and outreach campaign, in collaboration with the film's Director, Karen Cantor. Composed targeted proposals for potential fundraisers. Wrote press releases and promoted film's premiere on social media and through newsletter outreach. Created and designed new film website. Wrote and edited content and assisted design for 13-page press kit, outreach materials, and poster.


Nuns on the Bus (post-production)

Sister Simone Campbell and her band of feisty nuns fight for the poor and marginalized, challenge the Catholic Church and US Government, and wrestle with their own voice as they journey across an increasingly divided America.

Impact and Outreach: Identified partnerships with organizations and individuals for fundraising and outreach opportunities. Assisted Director, Melissa Regan to focus central message of film. Wrote and edited content for website, film materials, and social media. Provided administrative support to organize and fulfill Ingiegogo crowdfunding campaign rewards.


City of Trees (2015/ Meridian Hill Pictures)

During the recession, City of Trees follows three trainees and the director of a stimulus-funded green job-training program designed to put unemployed people back to work by planting trees in DC. A complex tale of social justice, urban forestry, and community politics.

Director of Outreach: Developed and implemented outreach, distribution, and marketing strategies for Meridian Hill Pictures’ first award-winning, feature-length film, in collaboration with Producer, Lance Kramer. Secured acceptance in 24 film festivals. Organized 75+ educational and community-based screenings. Raised $20,000 through educational DVD sales and dozens of coordinated filmmaker speaking engagements. Generated dozens of press, academic, and community member reviews. Promoted PBS series America ReFramed national broadcast and Netflix VOD launch. Built substantial social media following for the film and production company. Edited 28-page discussion guide.