Nonprofit Organizations

I work with leadership at nonprofit organizations to maximize visibility and impact of creative projects and initiatives. This includes supporting the vision of the director, ensuring smooth logistical implementation of campaigns and deadlines, and developing outreach and impact goals through digital marketing and social media.

The fourth edition will take place on October 10-14, 2018 in Washington, DC

The fourth edition will take place on October 10-14, 2018 in Washington, DC

Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival and Symposium

Double Exposure is the United States’ first and only film festival dedicated to investigative reporting on film. It pairs five days of film screenings with a professional symposium that brings together watchdog journalists and filmmakers venturing into investigative storytelling.

Festival Manager: Manage logistics of festival and symposium production. Support Co-directors, Director of Outreach and Engagement, and a variety of specialized consultants for smooth operation. Liaise with 75+ speakers, participants, funders, and sponsors on logistics of participating in and supporting festival. Manage and track festival budget, expenses and payments. Solicit film promotional material and screen film submissions. Support outreach efforts and implement new methods for tracking impact. Ensure festival adheres to timelines and that deadlines are met.

Photo by Allison Shelley

Photo by Allison Shelley

Wild Earth Allies

Wild Earth Allies joins forces with local organizations and individuals to protect the wildlife and habitats that are vital to global biodiversity and sustainability.

Digital Marketing Consultant: Designed and managed digital marketing strategy, wrote social media and newsletter content, and created visual collateral for The Wild Fund 2017, a $1.5 million year-end fundraising campaign. Implemented tracking tools, identified key metrics, and updated back-end of the website to improve SEO and readability, and monitor and increase traffic.

Cover of  Kyoto Journal  Issue 78

Cover of Kyoto Journal Issue 78

Kyoto Journal

Founded in 1986, Kyoto Journal is a Kyoto-based non-profit, volunteer-driven quarterly magazine presenting thought-provoking insights from Kyoto, Japan and all of Asia. 

Editorial Assistant and Head of Outreach: Interviewed contemporary and traditional artists in Japan for long-form articles. Edited content and provided photography on eight issues of the magazine. Developed and implemented outreach strategy in collaboration with Founding Editor, John Einarsen, and Director, Lucinda Cowing, as the magazine temporarily transitioned from print to digital. Recruited and managed marketing and outreach team to promote magazine sales and develop creative online content. Grew followers from 40k to 200k on Facebook. Launched Instagram. Wrote copy for advertisements.

The Phillip's Collection Japan Tour Group outside Meiji Shrine

The Phillip's Collection Japan Tour Group outside Meiji Shrine

The Phillip's Collection Travel Program

The Phillips Collection's Travel Program brings art enthusiasts and leading art collectors together, fostering a global conversation through the language of modern and contemporary art. 

Interpreter and Guide: Served as a guide and interpreter for 20 high-level donors and museum director, Dorothy Kosinski, during The Phillips Collection’s international trip to Japan. Curated art and culture tour in collaboration with Art Consultant, Noriko Kashiwagi. Led communication with prominent Japanese artists, including photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto and with the leadership team at the Nezu Museum. Interpreted for museum directors as well as washi paper designer, Eriko Horiki